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Have you ever hired an Individualization Expert before?

My name is Cassandra Guard and being an expert in Individualization makes me an incredible asset to any team or company looking to achieve growth, problem-solve, and strengthen the cohesiveness of their workforce.

Individualization (in-də-vi-jə-wə-lə-'zā-shən):
The ability to see what is special about every person or situation by identifying the unique differences within them.

Employee Experience +
Communications Management

Individualization helps me instinctively observe each person’s style, motivation, how each thinks, and how each builds relationships and communicate.


This helps build productive teams.

Employee Experience and Communications Management

Michelle Seibert, Speaker, Coach & Mentor

"As a speaker coach for TEDxDayton, I have had the privilege of working with Cassandra on the Speakers Committee. Creating a TED talk can be an overwhelming experience, taking an original idea and sharing it in such a manner that EVERYONE in a 1200 member audience can understand. TED attracts the most brilliant minds, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a memorable talk.


Cassandra has a knack for breaking down the most complex ideas, simplifying the text into everyday examples, and turning the driest college professor into an inspirational change-maker.


Her years of experience leading people carry over to the TED world as well. Her Memorization Workshop helps each speaker take their snippets of ideas and turn them into one fluid, thought-provoking performance. Cassandra has been a tremendous asset to our organization!"

Business Operations

Being a keen observer of unique patterns and missing pieces helps me bring innovative solutions to your company’s operations.

Business Operations
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Melissa Neiderhiser, Senior Web Design Manager

“In my experience working with Cassandra, she has always been able to help problem-solve and find exactly where pitfalls might occur, before they actually happen. Once when I was working toward a tight deadline on a website project, Cassandra jumped in to sort through several UI/UX issues with me. She helped me get the project finished, in stunning shape, and even complete before the deadline! She comes from a very different work background than myself, and the fact that she was ready and willing to help me find the answer to my problems speaks volumes to her knowledge."

Operational Change Management

To enact successful change, you need to be able to explain “The why” to different levels of responsibilities, educational backgrounds, and experiences. Individualization as a skill helps me zero in on what communication methods are needed for any given audience or situation.

Operational Change Management
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Miri Lader, MD FAAP. Pediatric Hospitalist and Director of Medical Student Education

“When communication between medical residents and nurses overnight was identified as an area for improvement, a large QI project was initiated. Through Ms. Guard’s professional guidance we were able to successfully implement a new process for overnight communication. Guard’s ability to identify the human-related barriers, and then communicate those findings along with a proposed solution, were fundamental in the build of our new standard. I will work with her again as needs arise in the future.”
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